Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ha ha, LOL, etc.

Writing is a funny thing. Most people would laugh at what I do: thinking, writing, and talking about writing. I've had more than one non-writer tell me I think or worry about things too much. However, it's how I'm made, and I don't question it. Most of the time I try to go with the flow.

It's this "going with the flow" that always surprises me. Earlier this week, I wrote about not writing. I've been having a blast reading and watching what writers do. I expected to spend at least two or three weeks enjoying the words of others, taking notes on what interests me, and writing down quotes or passages I want to revisit.

Guess what happened yesterday? I wrote. While sitting in my office. I asked myself a question and answered it with three short, raw poems.

I did not expect that.

Today, I plan to type up those poems, continue reading, taking notes, and watching the snow (I know it's March, but it's not yet Spring in the Midwest, not by a long shot).

Did I tempt the muse by writing about not writing? Was it a poem I read yesterday that opened the door to writing? I have no idea. Writing always surprises me.

To me, this is what's funny about writing: that I can say something is happening one day and within a few days, this will change. It happens when I'm writing a poem or working on a collection, or preparing for a writing class. It's also the most wonderful part about writing that I never know what to expect. I like consistency and routine in most parts of my life, but I never expect that from writing because, even when I keep a writing routine, I know something will change.

These moments of change are moments of learning within the practice of writing. They bring me joy. They make me laugh. I continue to expect them.

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